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My name is Kairia.

Jun 26, 2013
Hello Japan Forum. I've tried several forums and so far none of them have really stuck with me, but I'll try yet again here. I go by Kairia. There's a few other names I go by online but I figured Kairia would be more appropriate, since you can actually spell it in Japanese. I'm a bit bad at these introductions. I feel self-centered if I talk too much but I'll try to make it longer than a few sentences. Please send me a message if you want to be friends.
I live in America and I've been studying Japanese since 8th grade. I'm 20 now, so I've been out of school for two years, which means that my Japanese has become extremely poor. I'm also out of school, and I can't find a school that teaches Japanese in my area. I am really depressed because I have a hard time independently studying and I don't know anyone serious enough to either tutor or study alongside me.
Besides Japanese I really enjoy reading, playing video games, listening to music. All of the shut-in hobbies. I moved to Arizona last year, and I don't have any friends so I am trying really hard to gain buddies over the internet. I also have two really adorable cats.
Thanks for reading this and I'll try to post more on this forum.