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Minna no nihongo and other questions


May 1, 2014
Hey guys,

I started studying japanese few months ago, I'm enjoying it quite a lot, right now I know 260 kanji (I'll take JLPT N4 on december) and I've finished minna no nihongo book 1 which gave me some basic grammar.

My problem is that I find the grammar that I've learned to be quite useless when I listen to actual japanese. Because of this it made me wonder whether it is worth or not to get the second minna no nihongo book.

What would you recommend?

My goal is to pass the JLPT N2 in 2-3 years (I study everyday 1-2 hours a day). I use anki, and study kanji using the JLPT nihongo challenge(N5-4) at the moment. I would like however to reach a good level of Japanese not just pass those tests. As I would like to move there after I get my degree!

Also english is not my first language so sorry for my grammar.