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MEXT Undergrad to Masters Extension


Sep 23, 2015
Hi! I am currently a 2nd year undergrad student in Japan through the MEXT Scholarship. I am interested in applying for an extension into Masters for when I graduate but there are a few things I would like to inquire about:

(1) Aside from the minimum requirement of a 2.5 GPA, are there any factors that would affect my application?/What are the chances of obtaining the extension grant?
(2) I've done a bit of research and it seems that submission of application forms (for the scholarship extension) to our current universities is in early December of our 4th year. Do I need to apply for the graduate schools I am interested in beforehand just like everybody else (seeing as application period for grad schools here is a bit earlier than December) or will MEXT contact them for me when I hand my documents in?

Thank you in advance!