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Mext: Medicine

Jan 15, 2015
Hello everyone,

I'm from Brazil, and I'm thinking about applying for MEXT scholarship for Medicine this year.
I have already good language skills in Japanese (JLPT 1), good grades, and the tests won't be a problem - I have been studying to pass (and I did pass) for the best brazilian engineering institute for about two years, and the Monbusho questions are in the same level of difficulty. I have always wanted to study psychiatry and dermatology, but only now I've got the guts to talk with my dad about it (he has an business related to chemical and mechanical engineering. That's why he wanted me to pursue either one). I'm aware about the competition and the universities requirements.

I have some questions though:

1) I have been studying Japanese, Chinese and Russian for about 5 years now. First and third are in advanced levels and my chinese is upper intermediate, but I'm not quite as confident about my English skills. Do I have to be fluent in English to study Medicine in Japan?

2) I intend to study Medicine at Kyushu University. It's a good location and it has a nice weather, and probably is not as expensive and competitive as Tokyo. But, after 6 years of college and passing the national test to get a license, how do I apply for residence? Is there any examination or special requirement for foreign students?

3) Also, the scolarship doesn't cover anything after university years. Do I get paid in residence? If not, is there a way to get money during it? This is what I'm most worried about, because my parents clearly stated that they won't give me any money after my first year.

4) I plan to live and work in Japan after my studies. I have done my research and talked to my family, but nothing is set on stone before I get rid of my doubts. So which problems will I have to face if I want to work there - relating to employment, my lack of properly spoken english, xenophobia, salary and working as a doctor in Japan in general? What is the average salary of a dermatologist/psychiatrist? Can I make a good living if I move to Tokyo after my residence?

5) Any good soul would like to warn me about anything that didn't cross my mind? I'm young and have yet to be initiated in the ways of the world. Be blunt, and I'll take it in consideration.

If I study abroad, I'll have to work abroad, because brazilian and japanese medical school syllabus differs greatly from each other, which makes diploma revalidation nearly impossible in my country. To pass the brazilian national medical qualifying examination requires several other subjects that aren't taught in Japanese universities.

Excuse my bad english :) I hope I didn't commit any gross mistake
Thanks in advance.