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Meiji Period Mathematics Books

Jul 27, 2015
Hi everyone. First time posting, and I thought this would be the best place.

A member of my family gave me some old Mathematics books. She thought they were Chinese, however from reading some of the characters and asking my chinese friends it appears they are Japanese.

I saw the characters 明治九年 and 明治十年, which mean meiji 9 and 10 right? So 1876 and 1877.

However that is pretty much as far as i got. I also don't know any japanese people, so can't get help.

I'd just like some help with understanding a little more about them. I have taken some pictures of the covers, back page and a shot of the inside. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks

Site would not allow upload. They are in my photobucket.

Meiji Mathematics by jdthedj101 | Photobucket


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Feb 22, 2008
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Those are mathematics textbooks. The upper one is 改正洋算例題答式 巻一[Kaisei Yōsan Reidai Tōshiki Kan Ichi] Revised Example Questions and Answers of Western Mathematics Volume 1 written by 賀屋洋介 Kaya(family name) Yōsuke(male given name). It was published by 柳河梅治良 Yanagawa Umejirō in a publishing company 中外堂 Chūgaidō on March 25, 1876.
The lower one is 洋算例題答射[Yōsan Reidai Tōsha] Answers to the Example Questions of Western Mathematics compiled by 神代兼次 Kōjiro Kanetsugu and 横畠武二 Yokohata Takeji, checked by 弘鴻 Hiro Hiroshi.