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Looking to practice your Japanese? We are recruiting beta-testers!


Sep 19, 2015
Hello there!

We are Nativfy, a web-based platform that aims to connect Japanese learners with Japanese speakers, to provide you with an opportunity to practice and improve your fluency!

Being a group of language-learners ourselves, we recognise that the most effective way to improve your mastery of a new language is practice, practice, practice! And so we have developed this free web platform, to facilitate conversation practices between learners!

We are currently in beta-testing stage, and there will be a closed group beta-test held on 24 September, Thursday from 9-9:30 pm (GMT+8)! Do head on over to www.nativfy.com to sign up, or you can check us out at Nativfy ! We are sure we will be very useful in helping you improve your mastery of the Japanese language ;) So come on and check us out with an open mind an the enthusiasm to meet new language partners!

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