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Looking for Shoji Yoshioka, my father


Sep 3, 2015
I am looking for my father, Shoji Yoshioka I do not have much information on him but here is what I know.

My mother and father met in CD. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico in the late 80s. My father was a worker at a factory named AMSA. There was many Japanese in Mexico at that time working. My mother says that they sent him back to Japan when his company found out he got her pregnant . I was born in 1987, he got sent away in 1986. At the time my mother was 21 and he was about 26. Now he must be in his late 50s. I have a picture that is not very clear of him. He had very wavy hair, a gap in his teeth, he wore glasses and went by the Mexican name "Justo."

There would of been no way for him to find my mother again, the apartments she lived in were torn down and my aunt that lived there also moved.

I'm asking for any help, suggestions, or comments.

Thanks in advance,