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Looking for language school recommendation Yokohama

May 12, 2013
I'm moving to Yokohama next month and I'm looking for a recommendation for a language school. Here is what is important to me:

If there's a good CI/TPRS teacher/school, that is my first choice. I had excellent results with that paradigm when learning Chinese, and I think it just connects well with me.


1. Evening classes since I work days, preferably a few nights per week
2. Well thought out curriculum with a strong focus on receptive language skills
3. Geared towards functional verbal and written communication
4. Reasonably priced since I'm self-paying

My overall goal is to improve my general ability to communicate within my activities of daily living and within my social opportunities in Japan. I don't care about reading newspapers, manga, etc., but I want to be able to read train schedules, signs, menus, etc. I enjoy reading books in English and I'd like to get to the point where I can enjoy that in Japanese, but this is secondary in importance to having enough literacy to navigate through society here in an appropriate, adult fashion.

Eventually I'd like to be able to have conversations with Japanese professionals in the same field as I am, though that is well off on the horizon (a lot of medical terminology).

I'm currently at a basic level, even though it's been a year (better than survival, but no real ability to have more than superficial conversations). I am fine with a school which starts me right back at the beginning, though, since it won't hurt me to review.

Thanks for any suggestions!