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latest Japanese Horror Scare Prank channel


Aug 8, 2015
Japan is known to have disrupted the Horror genre with the two titles “THE JUON” (aka “The Grudge”) and “The Ring”, which have been adapted by Hollywood to become worldwide known films. Breaker, Japan’s first next generation media entertainment company brings the latest in Japanese Horror with its Scare Prank channel “PRANK PIRATES”

The new PRANK PIRATES series will be featuring three main characters. The first one, inspired from the Japanese folklore character DEVIL GRANDMA, drags a sickle and a bag covered in blood and attacks any potential witnesses to her crimes by wielding her sickle at them. The second character is the KILLER DRONE, an evil weapon waiting by an elevator, designed to kill anyone who enters its range of attack. The third one is a giant cockroach wandering underground, next to a pile of corpses, ready to attack any target in sight. Those powerful characters will be spreading terror among unknowing targets that are running away in fear. From the quality of its characters to its thrilling situations, PRANK PIRATES is bringing the worldwide acclaimed Japanese Horror back to life in a series ready to take on the world.