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Dec 29, 2016
Hi all,

Native Monks is looking for tutors in all languages to work from home using Skype. Native Monks helps students from around the world learn over 130 languages from the comfort of their home with a dedicated tutor online.

If you are a language teacher with command over your language, register with us here- Tutor Registration | Native Monks and start taking classes for students from all over.

Benefits of working with Native Monks:

1. Set your own price per lesson in USD.

2. Get paid directly to your bank account or through Paypal in USD

3. Set your own schedule as per your convenience with no fixed timings

4. Enjoy the flexibility of being incharge of your income and your schedule

5. Refer other tutors and get your profile featured and let hundreds of students find and book lessons with you

How does our referral program work

1. Register to become a tutor by filling up your profile fully and completely

2. Once your profile is approved, share our link with other possible tutors

3. If your referral has resulted in successful registrations, we will feature your profile on our language page. Check the link here for more details- https://nativemonks.com/refer


Dec 13, 2015
It's good information. Thanks for sharing. I just have a few questions. I didn't go on to the website to check this out because I'm guessing others on this forum will have the same questions too:

If I sign up but don't refer any other teachers am I likely to get hired by students?

What is the average hourly rate for people teaching English to Japanese students?

Do I have to pay to register myself as a teacher?

Dec 29, 2016
Hello, there is no payment to register as a tutor. We are only looking for serious tutors who have confidence in their teaching abilities. You don't need any specific certifications either as long as you can teach well.

What prices you set is again completely up to you. Lastly, recommending other tutors is only a way to get your profile featured on a specific language page, like this- Hindi Classes, Lessons, Courses & Tutoring Online | Native Monks

Not recommending anyone won't impact your profile and it will still be visible under normal search here- Search Tutor | Native Monks

Hope it helps.

Dec 23, 2010
It would be nice to be able to browse through and explore the (ESL) tutors that you now have (who they are, what they're charging, how much they have been teaching, etc.), so that I could see how I might compare--before having to register.

Sorry, but there are other online tutoring services out there where that is both possible and easy--and of course I don't want you, whoever you are, harvesting my personal information on a whim.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but in the second link all I see is a lot of teachers who have registered but who have apparently never taught a single hour/class. Do you really think anyone would want to join that pool of tutors?

Good luck, but I don't think you'll survive the competition.
Dec 29, 2016
We are a new company in this space and have just started registering tutors in the last one month. We have over 100 approved tutors as of now. Some of these are from the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada with English as their first language. We cover over 130 languages, so its naive' to expect to have only EFL tutors. Many of these are not new to teaching and have taught with other platforms.

If someone is skeptical of registering with us and sharing their "personal" data, we would appreciate if they never joined us. We are here to work and would prefer to put all our energy into productive purposes rather than dealing with pessimistic people.

We have only tried to answer the earlier gentleman's questions and have not asked for any personal, unsolicited opinions.

Thank you!

P.S- No further irrelevant queries/opinions will be entertained and replied to.