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Japanese to English translation help

May 5, 2013
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自動製氷 - automatic ice making
タイマー - timer
留守節電 - conserve electricity while you're away
お急ぎ冷凍 - quick freeze
低温冷凍 - low temperature freezing
温度調節 - temperature control
お急ぎ製氷 - quick ice making
製氷皿清掃 - ice tray cleaning
保温 - retain warmth
解凍 - defrost
あら熱とり - take away the heat from recently cooked foods
冷凍 - freezing
ソフト冷凍 - soft freezing
チルド - chilled
0 時間 分 - 0 hours minutes

I've never owned a Japanese fridge so I can't help with the details of how it works, but that's what the words mean. At a guess tapping any of them gives you either makes a setting or gives a deeper menu with more options.

I wonder if the fridge used to be in English. If so you should keep an eye out for a button labeled 言語, and if the menu that opens is doesn't include 'English' as an option then look for 英語. (This would presumably be a higher level menu than your pictures which are all about temperature control. And cleaning the ice tray. I dunno if you have an 'up' or 'back' button or something to press.)


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Feb 22, 2008
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Almost all Japanese fridges are for Japanese only, and don't have language option.

The OP, are you using a Sharp fridge, right? Try to unplug the power cord, wait approximately 5minutes, and then plug it again.