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~Japanese Study Group~

Aug 12, 2016
Hey everyone! I'm looking for people who want to start a study group together via Skype. It's been hard for me to find any existing "group" where people just practice Japanese and help out each other whilst studying. How does this work? This group will function like a class without a teacher. We agree on a time, do our own thing and use our other "classmates" as help. If anyone has a particular book they might be using then you can pair up with someone who may have the same material as you. I'm a beginner; can I still be in this group? Any level of Japanese comprehension is allowed to join this group. If you're an absolute beginner someone who knows just a little more than you can teach you the basics. Then you both can learn from someone else who knows more and so on. You can only fit so many people on Skype, so how are we all going to Skype at once? Although only a few people can be in one session at a time, this opens up the opportunity for more "classes" at an array of different times and dates. Having more Skype sessions at once means that we can have a diversity in how every class is being run. For example, in one session we have a bunch of people using the same book and in the other, all beginners whom are being helped by an advanced level person. All in all guys, This is something that could really work and be beneficial to everyone. If you're interested leave an introduction with you're level of Japanese, age and the book or material you use as your main resource in studying. Also include what it is you think you're good at in Japanese and what you may need help with.


My name is Tyler, I'm 17 and about an intermediate level. I've been studying for about 3 years and I mainly use the Genki textbooks when it comes to studying. I have a good grasp on Grammar but just need some speaking practice.
Aug 16, 2016
I would be happy to form a study group, but, sadly, I do not have a webcam. We could arrange practice on here if you like.