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Invitation to a new language exchange website


Apr 5, 2015
Govoluble is a website which took me nearly one year and a half to make, on which I spent around 8 hours a day.
Eventually it has been done.

Govoluble is based on the idea of learning a language with help from native speakers.
You can get all your mistakes pointed out and corrected here.

Let me introduce two of the features to you:

1. Writing/Speaking practice:
You may do writing practice by writing down entries in the language you are learning, and native speakers of the language will go through your writing practice, correcting your grammar mistakes.
Additionally, you may do speaking practice along with the writing practice by recording yourself into a microphone reading the entry you are writing, and native speakers will go through your pronunciations,
they will correct your pronunciation mistakes by recording themselves reading the sentence that you mispronounced. This way, you'll learn better how syllables are connected and how to be more 'native speaker sounding'.

Here is an example of how you get your writing and pronunciation corrected:
About Halloween, treat or trick - 畅言 - 全球语言互助学习平台

2. Do language exchange without Skype:
This feature enables you to exchange languages solely with a browser, any third-party application such as Skype is not needed.

Steps you need to go through to exchange languages:

a. Publish a language exchange reservation specifying what language you offer, what language you want to practice, for how long you want to practice, and the Date & time when you want to do this exchange, the type of this exchange(text exchange or video exchange).

I published a video exchange reservation, offering Chinese Mandarin, wanting to practice English for 20 minutes(which means I need to offer Chinese Mandarin for 20 minutes in return), the exchange date & time is set Next Friday 18:00 PM.

b. Waiting for your reservation to be taken by a potential language partner.
c. Get into language exchange room on GoVoluble when the set time comes.
d. Exchange languages with your partner in the room and enjoy, the exchange will be split into Chinese Mandarin speaking time for 20 minutes, and English speaking time for another 20 minutes.
e. After the exchange, leave a comment on your partner.

3. There are more features, I'd like you to find out yourself.

Thanks for your time, have a nice day!
畅言 - 全球语言互助学习平台