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Intra-company transfer vs Work visa


Apr 27, 2008
Hello all

I have been working at a subsidiary branch of a Japanese company in London for 6 years and will transfer to HQ in Tokyo April 2015.

Bearing in mind my specific work experience (and degree), length of time with employer, and employers long relationship with visa issuing authorities, I don't forsee any major problem with them obtaining a visa for me under the category of "Specialist in Humanities / International Services", but wanted to know if anyone had any idea of what practical difference there might be between the "Intra-company transfer" and regular "Work" types.

I understand both can be issued for 1 or 3 years - is this at the jurisdiction of the Japanese home office, or is this specified on application? Is there any difference in cost? Freedoms for employee?

Advice appreciated.
Aug 20, 2003
There is no "cost", let alone a financial difference. You pay 4,000 yen for it. That's all. I suppose your company will moan and complain about labor "costs" to do the paperwork, though. Yeah, right.

The main differences are that the intracompany transfer visa does not require a college degree, and you can use (renew) it for a limited time. I forget how many times. Oh, and you must have worked for the company for a minimum of a year, which you already have covered.