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How to write a proper letter to a Japanese family?

Mar 13, 2015
Hi everyone, this is my first post to the forums and I'm in desperate need for help.
The situation is I am trying to write a letter to a Japanese family who was also my host during my homestay last year in Japan. I have no knowledge on Japanese letters and I am super afraid of unintentionally upsetting them by saying something unbecoming.

So I would like to ask you how to properly phrase yourself in a letter on these matters:

-How do I address a family. Is it okay to use 'minasan' as I don't want to sound too formal yet also not coming off as rude. I want to say: 'To Baba (馬塲) family' and then 'Dear everyone' How should I put it?

-I want to say 'I miss you all very much, you all have been very nice to me' All the 'I miss you' I have found on the internet are meant for couples or too mushy in my opinion. Should I just say 'aitai'? And how do you make it 'very much'? :D

-The family has many members about whom I'd like to ask in the letter. So is it okay to ask specific people like 'How is Yusuke doing? in a letter addressing a whole family?
And when I'm adressing both of the parents, is their a shorter way than 'otousan & okasan'?
By the way, is there a cultural norm to the order of what should be mentioned first in a letter? For example, should you talk about yourself first (how you are doing, etc...) before inquiring about them?

-Since I plan to come to Japan later in the year, I want to ask them if I can visit them and if they can accommodate me for a few (2-3) days. Is it not very cultural to ask for such a thing? If not, how should I properly say it? Something along the line of: 'Are you okay with me coming and staying with you for a few days when I'm in Kobe?' but more polite

Thank you all for taking your time and helping me. I look forward to getting some guidance.


Japa'n vagyok
Jan 18, 2006
When addressing a whole family, you can say xx家のみなさん.
(e.g. 馬場家のみなさん)though it is not so common and you can just write みなさん as it is obvious for the family whom you are talking (writing) to.
Since this is Learning Japanese forum and you wish to write a letter in Japanese, why don't you post your attempt (with some explanation what you want to say) so that people can help?