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How to say "I love you" in Japanese?


Aug 28, 2014
I noticed that the words "I love you" was one of those that raised the most requests for translation. Including Japanese language. As we read a lot of crap on the Internet about this transcript, I propose a modest summary of possible translations with explanations.
The most obvious way, and the most academic, translate "I love you" in Japanese would be:
ナス窶 窶堙 窶堋? 窶堙 窶堋ス 窶堋ェ ツ好 窶堋ォ 窶堙 窶堋キ ./ Watashi wa anata ga sukidesu.:love::love::love::love:
The first part (ナス窶 窶堙 窶堋? 窶堙 窶堋ス 窶堋ェ / "Watashi wa anata ga") is quite formal and can do without it, that's why you can just hear 窶佚・ツ好 窶堋ォ 窶堋セ / "daisuki da" or other ...