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Hoping you guys can help me


Aug 27, 2015
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Hello, I found this site on the internet while searching on how to find japanese father in japan.

For the past 9 years, I've been trying my luck to look for my husband’s father hoping that in my own little way, I can find him and make their paths cross again.

It’s been more than 18 years since my husband last saw his father and that’s why I wanted to help him find his dad. During the typhoon yolanda there are some japanese volunteer in cebu in which the family of my husband evacuated from leyte. The japanese volunteers asked if there are japanese filipino whose looking for their fathers and they are willing to help and the aunt of my husband talk to one of the volunteer,the volunteer called my husband and said that they will try their best to help him. But up until now they did'nt call anymore so I tried another way and I went through a lot of organizations here in the Philippines with the hope that they can help me with my purpose, but until now, I got zero information or any lead that can't hint me find him. I tried searching his father name on facebook and sending some messages to some facebook user who has thesame surname of his father but unluckily none of them is his father.Someone told me that it will be hard to find a japanese person in japan because a japanese name can be used many times. She told me if i will ask help from a koseki they will not entertain me becasue they are strict in giving information.So, I consulted a lawyer here in the philippines to help me, they send a letter to japanese emabassy here in my country but they can't help us because they don't hold any transaction from a person who is japanese citizen. They told us that they will send the letter to Japanenese embassy in Tokyo.But up until now, I still dont have any information.

My husband now resides in canada. Lastly his father's name is Mr.Ritsuo Takeno born on 9-10-47 at Sakai City Osaka Japan.

I'm not giving up so im looking for another way. I had all the information needed, important papers,japanese papers,his father's japanese character name, pictures, and important things given by his father.

The main and sole purpose of this is to grant the dream of my husband to find his father which he has been longing for more than a decade now.
We don’t have any self-interest or whatsoever; all we wanted is to find him or any information that will lead us to do so. Even if it needs to go to japan.

I thank you in advance and all advice will be completely appreciated and with a lot of gratitude.