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help with importing kayaks


Nov 10, 2015
I need the help of someone or a company who will provide the assistance with importing 3 kayaks and gear from China. These are for personal use. My understanding is that you need to be a company to import items. I would certainly be willing to pay for this service if it is a reasonable price. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Japa'n vagyok
Jan 18, 2006
You do not have to be a company to import something, but you do need a company who do import customs clearance and delivery on your behalf because customs clearance requires license (and if the seller in China does not do export and transportation, you also need to arrange that too.)
I think that the best thing is to contact a reliable international logistic company and give the details (from where the goods to be picked-up, details of the size and volume and weight of the goods, etc.) and ask them for quotation of the cost. If you buy from a shop or a manufacturer and they do not do any delivery service, then;
(1) Cost for transportation from their premises to a port in China,
(2) export customs clearance fee, freight cost,
(3) maybe you might want to insure the goods so insurance cost,
(4) cost for import customs clearance and import duty,
(5) delivery cost from the port/warehouse to your home or wherever you want to receive the kayaks.

Nippon Tsuun (Nippon Express) is one of the great logistic companies, they have many offices in China.
Global Locator > China:Nippon Express

Global site:
Nippon Express -Global Logistics Company-