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Greetings everyone!


Oct 25, 2015
Hi there, my name is Mark though I go by Kazekawa or Kazekawagamer online. I'm a 30 year old American English teacher living in Japan. I am married to a Japanese national and we have 2 children. My son is 4 and my daughter is 8. When I am not teaching English, I am usually on youtube making video content.

A lot of my friends and students have suggested that I share my experiences and knowledge with other people who are considering to come to Japan so that they can avoid the many many mistakes that I made while getting used to my new life here. So here I am! I'm always willing to chat and answer any questions anybody may have.

If I am not logged onto the forum then I am always active on my twitter or facebook page which is in my contact details.

I hope to talk and meet many of you soon!
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