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Friendly greetings from Estonia


Sep 29, 2015
So hello and greetings from Estonia.
Im quite new here, actually it's my first visit, so I'll start browsing the forum in the next couple of hours. I am 17 years old and go to Tallinn School No 21. I have really been fond of Japanese culture for a long time, but now I have a solid reason why I have come here and I hope I'll get support from users all-around.

So, in my school we have a tradition to dedicate a whole week to a certain country's culture, people, food, art etc. This means that the 11th C klass has the task to decorate the whole school in Japanese style (which takes a lot of time, material and ofcourse, money), make different Japanese activites for the week, introduce the country and it's history and it all ends in a big play. It will take part during 11th-15th of January and it's called the Artsweek (or as we call it: Kunstinädal). This year's one is the 30th, so we have a lot of plans to make it really special and I really hope to get some support and help from this forum. At the moment I really don't know from where I should start browsing the forum, but I think I'll get the hang of it.

Any kind of help is appriciated, because the idea of involving real people from the country of the week, with their ideas and help, makes the whole event more special.


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Mar 6, 2003
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Well most of us here aren't "real" Japanese but we can certainly help. It would be tough to pull off without Japanese people helping you in person but a traditional bunka-sai (Japanese cultural festival) involves things like tea ceremony demonstrations, opportunities to try calligraphy, traditional kids games, etc. Stage performances such taiko (drums) or rakugo (comedic story telling). And, of course, foods such as tako-yaki, yakisoba, mochi, etc. That's the traditional stuff. For a more modern flair you could have a "maid cafe" or incorporate other modern pop-culture items.