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Travel Flea market in Osaka


Oct 19, 2015
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Flea market in Japan is great opportunity for shopping lovers because that the prices of product in this kind of market is really cheap, even you can find out second-hand kimono only with 1000 yen. Beside that, sometimes if you are lucky, you can find yourself some interesting stuffs for souvenir or for your personal collections.

Here is some of flea markets in Osaka, if you have a chance coming to Osaka during the opening time of flea market, don’t forget it.

1. Art and Handmade Street in Namba Shrine

The flea market at center of Namba Shrine with a variety of art craft, handmade, organic food around 50 booth in this flea market.

Location: Namba Shrine - 難波神社
Access: Get off at Subway Shinsaibashi Station and then walk about 5 minutes

2. Wanwan Marushi – わんわんマルシェ

The handmade flea market only for and dog pets with owners coming together and have fun together

Location: Minoo Kyuuzu Mall – みのおキューズモール
Access: from Senri Station, take bus to Minoo Kyuuzu Mall

3. Minatomachi River Palace Flea Market

Osaka Fashionable City, you can find a lot of second-hand cloth here. Sometimes there is live music and painting

Location: Minatomachi Plaza –湊町リバープレイズプラズ部分
Access: Subway Yotsubashi, Kintetsu Line Namba Station

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