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Entrance exams at Japanese University for master degree - Monbukagakusho 2015


Jul 11, 2014
Hello everyone!

I am currently in the process of selection for the monbukagakusho scholarship. I believe i have a good chance to be selected here in my home country, and so my worries are about the admission exam at the university.
I applied for a masters degree and i know that students have to take entrance exams once in Japan, if they want to take a graduate course.

I have a decent level of Japanese, and i can read academic articles or Books with the help of the dictionary every now and then, also i can write, slowly than normal, academic-like essays (i presented my research plan, as well as abstracts of two works i wrote, translated to japanese).

The big problem is that my study of Japanese have been centred on reading, and the truth is that i find myself unable to write by hand, in Japanese, exactly the same stuff i write in the computer; I just cant remember how to write a great deal of kanji i know, although i can recognize them easily and although, with just one look, i can write them without looking again, at least the ones i already learned.

So, my concern is to know what kind of exams international students have to take in order to be admitted in a masters course. Japanese exams, like JLPT or the ones we take at the embassy, are no problem, but i wonder if there are other exams in which we have to answer to more specific questions, related to our areas of study, through handwriting in Japanese.
I believe i could do it using a computer (which i know it's impossible..) but writing by hand... at the present time i could not do it....

If anyone could share their experiences, i would appreciate a lot.
Thank you!!
Apr 15, 2014
It very much depends on the university and the program that you will enter. (JLPT 1 would not hurt).

But generally speaking the university will have a very clear policy and requirements (though sometimes it is a little hard to find this out from the internet). I suggest you contact someone at the university that you are interesting in applying to. Another important factor for some supervisors can be your English ability (particular your ability to write at a level suitable for publication) .

hope that helps.