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Come with me to Disneyresort SeaWorld !


Oct 9, 2015
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum. My name is Celeste and I'll be travelling to Japan alone from 19th to 31st October.
I'm planning to go to Disneyresort Sea World on Friday 23rd and I wanted to know if anybody felt like coming with me as it would be much more fun !
I'll be going from about 9AM (leaving from Tokyo Station) and returning not too late (around 4PM)... If necessary I can change the date to 21st or 22nd ! I'll be buying my ticket in a week's time.
Let me know if you feel like it !
I'm an English teacher so it'd be a good way for you to practice your English if your want (or your French, or your Italian) while waiting for the rides ! I'm sorry I do not speak more than 5 words of Japanese :-/
Hope to hear from some of you !