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Best place to do an intensive language course in Japan?


Sep 15, 2014
I have traveled abroad as a student first living on the east side of Germany for 3 months before traveling to China for another 3 months.

China was the last place I ever thought about going but out of the choices we were given (of were we wanted to travel to) it was the furthest from home so I went for it. Cut a long story short it was brilliant but i've had some friends that have visited Japan and have said its even better.

I was thinking of doing a month to 3 month course to get a taste of life there to see if its right for me. Osaka was recommend but i'm not as to which language college is best there. I looked at
Japanese Language Schools and Courses in Osaka - Learn Japanese
but it doesn't seem like a lot of hours studying so not sure if its worth it.

Is there anywhere else like Osaka which people would recommend to study?

If anybody can help it would be appreciated, thank you