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Approached by supposed "scout" for modeling in Shibuya

Dec 19, 2014
I was in Japan late last year, and had completely forgotten about this until last night.

I was sitting outside Shibuya Station pilfering their wifi when some dude came up to me and asked me if I wanted to model for Huge Magazine, which I understand is a pretty big publication.

Now I'm an average looking guy; below average height for Australia, average height for Japan, and I have brown hair (not exactly what Japan looks for in foreign models). But I was backpacking, I hadn't shaved in a week and hadn't had a shower in two days, so I wasn't really taking him seriously + thought it could be a scam or something.

But I played along because, why not? In the end he took two photos of me on his phone and took down my contact details. But I had to leave Japan not long after, so I never followed up on it.

Last night when I remembered I was trying to think what it could be. I've considered everything from total legitimacy, to an attempt to lure me into some sketchy porn ring. But really I have no idea.

After a bit of searching I found another guy who was approached by the same guy, on the same night at Shibuya station. He posted about it here, and even has a photo of the guy.

Now I'm really curious about it. Have you guys come across the same thing? What do you think it would have been? I just can't see a massive publication like that picking up random foreigners on the street.
Aug 20, 2003
You're not even legal to work here anyway! Why bother starting this thread when we (Mike and I) have already detailed extensively what it takes for you to get a work visa?