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Jun 5, 2012
Hello everyone! I joined the JREF forum a few years ago when I was getting familiar with the MEXT scholarship application process. Sadly, I was not accepted for this scholarship. However, I applied to transfer to Temple University's Japan campus in Tokyo and was accepted! I am going to Japan, like I always dreamed about! Hurray!

So far, I have
1) Renewed my passport

2) Begun the student visa application process. I expect this to go well.

3) Students are guaranteed housing for the first semester of attendance. (This isn't really a thing that I have done, but it's a fact, so I would be looking for housing maybe two months after my initial arrival into Japan)

I'm posting here in the intro forum because I'm not really sure where to post otherwise, because my basic question is- is there anything else I need to do before making my move to Japan? Is there anything about Japan that I might not know about (such as, say, an inexplicable lack of peanut butter or NyQuil)?

Any resources you can link me to are also welcome! Thank you very much!
Feb 25, 2014
Hello Monnica,
Congratulations on getting the transfer .... and welcome back to the forum.
You didn't mention what your Japanese ability is. If you are a beginner, use your time before you come to study as much as you can (between the farewell parties of course : ) ).
Understanding and speaking even basic Japanese will make your time here so much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Also, get internet banking set up for your home country accounts .... and ask them about international transfers (SWIFT codes etc).
You'll be able to find almost everything you need in Tokyo ... even peanut butter!