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Another dreamer for the beautiful land!

Dec 7, 2014
Hi everyone! I am a fellow dreamer for staying in the land of a beautiful country and culture. I have been interested in Japan itself since I was around about 14. And now 6 years my dream has only gotten bigger but already feels like it's fading. I spent a good part of teenage years rebelling but I finally decided what I want to do with my life. I am currently at college doing my NC 6 Travel & Tourism and maybe planning on doing my HND in Travel & Tourism. But my dream is to live in Japan as a English teacher. But I've been told this isn't possible due to not having a university degree but I am considering doing a TEFL course as I have been told that it's a good idea to do.
Aside from being an English teacher is there any other jobs that I could do?
Will this be possible to do? Or will I be chasing a faraway dream?

Mike Cash

Mar 15, 2002
The problem is that for most cases the degree requirement is a requirement from Immigration and not from a potential employer.

Are you eligible for the Working Holiday scheme?
Aug 20, 2003
Yes, that will do it, but you can use the WHV only once in your life and for a maximum of only one year. Where does your dream go after that's finished? Get a degree so it will last. Also, if you've never even been here, the age-old question arises: how do you know you want to live here the rest of your life?

Go to the ESL Cafe discussion forum to see what teachers experience here, too. It's probably not what you imagine.