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ALT workshop (need your input!)


Feb 12, 2015
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Hi all!
New to this forum. I did JET years ago and am currently in the States teaching TEFL. I have to lead a workshop titled "How to work with an ALT" to a group of Japanese teachers who are here for TEFL training.

Naturally LOTS to say, but I'd love your input if you've done ANY ALT (especially if you've gone through a private agency) work before or have extensive knowledge about private ALT agencies in Japan. Here are some questions I have:
1) If you're a private ALT (or have been one), how many schools do you usually visit in a month. Is the schedule decided by the agency or by the school?
2) Going into a school, do you have a general idea of which grade you will teach and which teacher you will teach with? Or is it more like arrive, get a schedule, and find the class...?
3) In class, what do you usually do? Does the teacher actually ask you to help teach? Or do you do your usual human tape recorder? OR are you expected to go in with a full lesson and the teacher sits back and watch?
4) I've heard from some people that private ALTs are paid by the hour and it's in their contract that they teach only during class and aren't expected to plan before or reflect after the class with the teacher. Is this true?
5) What are the better agencies to work for? What are the agencies to avoid? What's the average pay in yen per month?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Aug 20, 2003
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Try posting this in the Japan section of the ESL Cafe web site.