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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (警視庁 Keishichō) serves as the police force for Tokyo metropolis. Founded in 1874, it is by a

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (TMPD, 警視庁, Keishichō), known locally as simply the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), is the prefectural police of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. Founded in 1874, the TMPD is the largest police force in Japan by number of officers, with a staff of more than 40,000 police officers and over 2,800 civilian personnel. The TMPD is headed by a Superintendent-General, appointed by the National Public Safety Commission and approved by the Prime Minister. It manages 10 divisions and 102 stations across the Metropolis. The TMPD's headquarters are located in Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda, Tokyo. Built in 1980, it is 18 stories tall and is a large wedge-shaped building with a cylindrical tower. The HQ building is located opposite Sakurada Gate, also metonymically called "Sakurada Gate".


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