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Tokorozawa City

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Tokorozawa City
Tokorozawa (所沢市) is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 February 2021, the city had an estimated 344,194 inhabitants. Tokorozawa became the site of Japan's first air base and air service academy in 1911. The base was used through the end of World War II and fell under the control of the United States Armed Forces after the war. The US returned most of its property in Tokorozawa to Japan in 1971 but retained a communications facility in the city, which is operated by the 374th Airlift Wing of the Fifth Air Force, based at Yokota Air Base to the southwest. The facility houses antennas for communications with USAF aircraft in the region. Much of the land returned to Japan has been converted into the public Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park. Tokorozawa was elevated to city status on 3 November 1950. In 1955, Tokorozawa annexed the neighbouring villages of Yanase and Mikajima and assumed their present boundaries. The development of large-scale public housing and railroad development led to a rapid population increase in the 1960s. Tokorozawa was the Clay pigeon shooting event site in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Tokorozawa was designated as a special city with increased local autonomy in 2002.

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