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The Tokyo Fire Raids 1945

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The Tokyo Fire Raids 1945
The story of the night attack on Tokyo on 9 March 1945 when 334 B-29 Superfortresses dropped incendiary bombs on Eastern Tokyo killing between 80-200,000 people.

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And I am continuing:

[QUOTE]A total of 268 air raids were conducted against Chongqing, with more than 11,500, mainly incendiary, bombs dropped. The targets were usually residential areas, business areas, schools, hospitals and other non-military targets. These bombings were probably aimed at cowing the Chinese government, or as part of the planned Sichuan invasion.[/QUOTE]

Seems to be recorded in history books in some countries as being first conducted on February 18th, 1938.

Number THREE:

First time used was November 3rd, 1944.


So why would it be that an article is slanted to make it appear that the allies first used a fire bomb weapon style in Europe and ignore that the Germans used the tool much earlier?

Then there is absolutely nothing at the outset of the article acknowledging that Japanese Armed Forces used terror bombing years before 1945.

Are the children in Japan being taught about that business in China? About those Fu-Go Balloons?

Like I wrote in the other post, despair.

But it has been a brilliant ad campaign over the years. It is/has been working.

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