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Taikan Shuzo Co., Ltd.

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Taikan Shuzo Co., Ltd.
The word "Taikan" (太冠) was used by military officers when celebrating their success. The name was given for the sake to mark festive occasions. Taikan Brewery was founded in 1877 and is located in the Southern Alps, a pristine and clean environment. It is managed by Kikuchi Yoshimitsu (菊池良充), who became tōji (brewmaster) at the age of just 32 and produced the gold medal-winning Taikan Daiginjō. The brewery claims that the teachings of Takeda Shingen, who aimed to build a nation through the harmony of its people, are alive and well here. Taikan Brewery uses Yamadanishiki, local Yamanashi rice, Miyamanishiki and Gohyakumangoku. The brewery only uses organic rice and underground water from the Southern Alps.

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