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Official website of the Sapporo Tourist Association.

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Official website of the Sapporo Tourist Association.


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    Kai is a magazine built around the concept of going to look for the true Hokkaido, run by...
  • Eniwa Eye
    Eniwa Eye is a travel guide website that shares pictures and movies of Eniwa in Hokkaido.
  • Noboribetsu City
    Noboribetsu (登別市, Noboribetsu-shi, Ainu: nupur-pet) is a city in Iburi Subprefecture, Hokkaido...
  • Ebetsu International Center
    Consists of groups related to international exchange for interaction between non-Japanese and...
  • JR Hokkaido
    Provides train timetables, internet discount specials, map, and links.

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  • Kokuseki-ji Temple
    Kokuseki-ji (黒石寺) is a Tendai sect temple in Iwate Prefecture.
  • JEOL Ltd.
    JEOL is a major developer and manufacturer of electron microscopes and other scientific...
  • PorMedTec Co. Ltd.
    Generating designated pathogen-free (DPF) pigs with enhanced functions using cutting-edge...
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    Located in Odaiba, Immersive Fort Tokyo will be the world’s first theme park with exclusively...
  • Omachi Alpine Museum
    The Omachi Alpine Museum (大町山岳博物館) is located on a hillside in Omachi, Nagano. The third floor...
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