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Reitaku High School International Course

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Reitaku High School International Course
Reitaku University (麗澤大学 Reitaku Daigaku) is a private university known as Reitaku in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The origin of Reitaku University is Moralogy School which was launched in 1935 and Reitaku University was established in 1959. International Student Program: every department has study-abroad programs and cooperates with at least 30 universities in other countries. International students come to Reitaku from the United States, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Bhutan, Germany, Finland and other countries. Reitaku has many foreign professors so official languages are Japanese or English. Reitaku gives about 1,000USD to 10,000USD as a scholarship to students who are going to study abroad.

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