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Port of Shimonoseki

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Port of Shimonoseki
The Shimonoseki Port faces the Kanmon Straits located on the westernmost end of Honshu Island. Since old times, it has served as a gateway to the mainland. Its selling points include its history as a strait city and the food (globefish, sea urchin, whale, angler, etc.) it offers, while the beautiful scenery of the Kanmon Straits has a soothing effect on all who visit. The Arcaport area has a quay for passenger ships, and nearby there is an aquarium, the Karato Market and an amusement facility that includes a Ferris Wheel. Being able to enjoy sightseeing, gourmet food and shopping while walking around these facilities and gazing out at the Kanmon Straits is another thing that draws people to the Shimonoseki Port.

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