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Nyuzen Town

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Nyuzen Town
Nyūzen (入善町 Nyūzen-machi) is a town located in Shimoniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture. With the Sea of Japan to the north and Kurobe River to the west, Nyūzen is located in the centre of an alluvial fan. The town is famous for its jumbo watermelons, as well as its tulips which became the official town flower in 1983. Groundwater bubbles forth from various man-made and natural springs within the town. Of special interest is a flat area near the coast the name of which translates to "The Japanese Swamp Cedars of Sugisawa" (杉沢の沢スギ Sugisawa no Sawasugi) where a large amount of flowing fresh spring water has created a rare ecology that is protected as a natural monument.

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