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Munakata Taisha

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Munakata Taisha
Munakata Taisha (宗像大社) is a collection of three Shinto shrines located in Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture. It is the head shrine of some 6,000 Munakata shrines all over the country. Although the name Munakata Taisha refers to all three shrines (Hetsu-gū, Nakatsu-gū and Okitsu-gū) it is commonly used to refer to Hetsu-gū alone. According to the Nihon Shoki, the shrines are devoted to the three Munakata goddesses (宗像三女神 Munakata-sanjojin), kami believed to be daughters of the goddess Amaterasu, the ancestress of the imperial family. Susanoo has also been worshipped there for many years as the god of mariners, and he has come to be worshipped as the god of traffic safety on land as well.

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