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Marriage for All Japan

Marriage Equality, Freedom of Marriage for All

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"Marriage For All Japan" aims to realize a society in which everyone has the freedom to choose whether to marry or remain unmarried, regardless of their legal sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The organization was established by lawyers, PR professionals, and others to advocate for same-sex marriage (marriage equality). When two individuals decide to live their lives together, they should be able to freely choose to marry if they wish or remain unmarried without being forced to do so. This is the "freedom of marriage." Our name, "Marriage For All Japan – Freedom of Marriage for All", represents our belief that such a choice should be equally granted to couples regardless of sex. "Marriage For All Japan" aims to achieve same-sex marriage (marriage equality) by holding events and seminars, appearing in media, conducting research, and lobbying, as well as through our support of the "Freedom Of Marriage For All" lawsuits.


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