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Kuni Institute of Creative Dance

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Kuni Institute of Creative Dance
Tokyo company and training institute of Masami Kuni, also known as Ehara Masami (江原正美), better known by his professional pseudonym Masami Kuni (邦正美, or marked as Korean: 방정미; Pang Chŏngmi) or birth name Park Yeong-in (Korean: 박영인 Pak Yŏngin) – was born in Ulsan, Korea and had adopted a Japanese name and persona after the massacre of Koreans in 1923 when he was a high school student. Park studied aesthetics at Tokyo Imperial University and became a professional dancer before moving to Germany. He worked for Nazi Germany during WW2 but was a spy for the Empire of Japan in Europe. Park Yeong-in's family were members of the Korean aristocracy, who could verifiably trace their lineage back to the 1600s (served via Wayback Machine).

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