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Japan Robot Association (JARA)

Encourages R&D on robots and associated system products, promotes robotization and standardization, and conducts related market

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The Japan Robot Association (日本ロボット工業会, Nihon Robotto Kōgyō-kai) (JARA) is a trade association made up of companies in Japan that develop and manufacture robot technology. It was formed in 1971 as the Industrial Robot Conversazione and was the world's first robot association. The association was reorganized and renamed the Japan Industrial Robot Association (JIRA) in 1972 and was formally incorporated in 1973. The association's name was changed again in 1994 to its current one to accommodate non-industrial robots such as personal robots. Its headquarters are in Tokyo. The Japan Robot Association aims to advance the growth of the robot manufacturing industry by encouraging research and development on robots and related system products and promoting the use of robot technology in industry and society.


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