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Japan Communist Party

Program, constitution, manifesto; Japan Press Service.

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The Japanese Communist Party (日本共産党, Nihon Kyōsan-tō, abbr. JCP) is left-wing to a far-left political party in Japan. With approximately 270,000 members belonging to 18,000 branches, it is one of the largest non-governing communist parties in the world. The party advocates establishing a democratic society based on scientific socialism and pacificism. It believes this objective can be achieved by working within an electoral framework while carrying out an extra-parliamentary struggle against "imperialism and its subordinate ally, monopoly capital". As such, the JCP does not advocate violent revolution but proposes a "democratic revolution" to achieve "democratic change in politics and the economy". A staunchly antimilitarist party, the JCP firmly supports Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution and aims to dissolve the Japan Self-Defense Forces. The party also opposes Japan's security alliance with the United States, viewing it as an unequal partnership and infringing on Japanese national sovereignty. In the wake of the Sino-Soviet split, the JCP began to distance itself from the Eastern Bloc, especially the Soviet Union. The party consequently did not suffer an internal crisis as a result of the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991; instead, it welcomed the dissolution of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which it described as the "embodi[ment] of the historical evil of great power chauvinism and hegemonism".


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