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Ikeda City
Ikeda (池田市 Ikeda-shi) is a city in Osaka Prefecture. In the Edo period, Ikeda had a castle occupied by a daimyō, the seat of a 50,000-koku domain. It was famous for Ikeda-zumi (Ikeda charcoal) traded by Ikeda merchants. The city was founded formally on April 29, 1939. It was developed as an urban town by a local railway company, Hankyu Dentetsu. Ikeda has several cultural attractions: the Itsuō Art Museum holds the Itsuo Collection which is mainly Japanese art for cha-no-yu; Ikeda Bunko holds collections on Takarazuka and other materials related to Hankyu Dentetsu. There is a municipal zoo named Satsukiyama Zoo. It is home to the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum.
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