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Hokai-ji Temple

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Hokai-ji Temple
Hōkai-ji (宝戒寺), formally known as Kinryūzan Shakuman-in Endon Hōkai-ji (金龍山釈満院円頓宝戒寺), is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai school located in the Komachi district of Kamakura. It is also known as Hagidera (萩寺) as it is famous for the vast number of bush clover (hagi) blooming in its gardens in September. It is also renowned for enshrining some 870 members of the Hōjō clan who under the last regent Hōjō Takatoki (北条高時, 1303-1333) ended their lives in the nearby Tōshō-ji (東勝寺). Tōshō-ji was the former Hōjō family temple that was destroyed in 1333 when Nitta Yoshisada (新田義貞, 1301-1338) and his pro-imperial resurgents attacked Kamakura and effectively ended the Kamakura shogunate.

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