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Hato Bus Homepage
Hato Bus Co., Ltd (はとバス株式会社) is a sightseeing bus company in Japan, based in Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo. It mainly operates regular routes in Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture, as well as regular sightseeing buses within the Kanto Region. The company also provides bus rental services. Hato Bus is currently an unlisted public company with a registered capital of 450 million yen. Tokyo Metropolitan Government is the largest shareholder, which holds 37.9% of the shares in the company. Hato Bus has 1,064 employees, its net sales are 17.4 billion yen, and it owns 136 sightseeing buses as of 2019. Hato Bus Company's main businesses are reserved sightseeing buses and planned bus tours. The Tokyo government established Hato Bus in 1948 to help Japanese tourists travel around Tokyo. Hato Bus Company has branched into a number of different industries, including tourism, hospitality, car repair and real estate leasing. It now offers various bus tour offerings in other languages for foreign tourists.

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