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Hanno City

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Hanno City
Hannō (飯能市 Hannō-shi) is a city located on the southern border of Saitama Prefecture, bordered by the Tokyo to the south and the Chichibu region to the west. Both the Iruma River and the Koma River flow through the city. Hannō is mainly made up of urban and suburban areas, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Hannō was traditionally noted for its lumber industry, which developed during the Edo period to supply Edo with timber needed for rebuilding after its frequent fires. The town of Hannō was established within Koma District, Saitama with the establishment of the modern municipalities system on 1 April 1889. Koma District was abolished in 1896, becoming part of Iruma District. Hannō annexed the neighbouring villages of Seimei, Minami-Koma, Kaji and Moto-Kaji on 1 April 1943. It was elevated to city status on 1 January 1954. Hannō annexed the neighbouring villages of Agano, Gigshi-Agano, Haraichiba on 30 September 1956. On 1 January 2005, the village of Naguri was merged into Hannō.

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