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Daido Institute of Technology

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Daido Institute of Technology
Daido University (大同大学, Daidō daigaku) is a coeducational private university in Minami-ku, Nagoya. The university began as the Daido Technical-Educational Foundation in 1939. In 1969, the school became the Daido Institute of Technology. The university traces its origin back to the companies founded by Momosuke Fukuzawa. These companies consist of the Great Consolidated Electric Power Company, Limited (current: Kansai Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.), the Nisshinbo Industries, Toho Gas Co., Ltd., Daido Steel Co., Ltd., Toagosei and Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. (Meitetsu), etc. He had a concept of a research institute for industrial technician training. The president of Daido Steel, Yoshio Shimoide (a member of the Japanese Diet), was inspired by his concept. In January 1939, Daido Technical-Educational Foundation was established by Yoshio Simoide. The school was close to Daidōchō Station. Responding to strong demand in Nagoya's industrial companies (such as Daido Steel, Chubu Electric Power and Nagoya Railroad), the Daido Institute of Technology was established in 1962.

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