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The Tama region is situated in western Tokyo. It lies outside Tokyo's 23 wards and comprises 30 cities, towns and villages with a population of about 4.3 million. This place, adjacent to all the conveniences of the big city, boasts an array of diverse and distinctive facets. The development of transportation facilities came to represent the face of the town. Despite being one of the world's biggest cities, Tokyo is surprisingly rich in natural features. The history and traditions of the area have been developed over many centuries. The produce grown in the region's soils is actively utilized to create a variety of gentle dishes on the stomach. The many people who live, work, and socialize in the area bring a variety of flavours to the Tama region in Tokyo. Another TOKYO TAMA project seeks to share the charm of the Tama region with the rest of Japan, eventually expanding to include the rest of the world.


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