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Akita (秋田市, Akita-shi) is the capital city of Akita Prefecture. As of 1 January 2020, the city has an estimated population of 305,625. On 1 April 1997, Akita was designated as a core city with increased autonomy. The Akita Shinkansen began operations the same year. In August 2001, the World Games were held in Akita, with the opening ceremony in the Yabase Track and Field Stadium. In 2004, the city celebrated its 400th anniversary and its beginnings as Kubota Castle town. On 11 January 2005, the towns of Kawabe and Yūwa (both from the Kawabe District) were merged into Akita. Kawabe District was dissolved as a result of this merger. The location of Akita City Hall did not change, and former Kawabe and Yūwa Town Halls are used as civic centres. The 62nd National Sports Festival of Japan was held in Akita in 2007. The economy of Akita remains heavily dependent on agriculture (particularly rice cultivation), forestry and mineral extraction. Akita contains one of the most important oil fields in Japan. The primary industries are oil refining, woodworking, metalworking, and silk textiles. Akita is also home to two regional banks that serve Akita prefecture and the greater Tōhoku region: Akita Bank and Hokuto Bank. The Akita Thermal Power Station is located in the city.


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