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Travel Yanaka Ginza (360 video)

Yanaka is one of Tokyo's few neighbourhoods where the local environment, a historic town culture reflective of Tokyo in previous decades, has persisted. There is a feeling of charm and old beauty in the district. It is within a short walk of Ueno Park and offers a unique sightseeing experience than other areas of Tokyo.


It's amazing to see different trades along the road, glaringly countering one another: the butcher's next to the barber's, the sweets next to the jewellery retailer. Prices are also reasonable; some shops sell small meals and side dishes for less than 50 yen.

Yanaka retains a residential area where many locals reside, and visitors can observe the ongoing everyday activities and exchanges carried out in the area marketplace through Yanaka Ginza. Indeed, the area's distinct local character draws a large number of visitors.

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