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Travel Tokyo's Best Sakura Spot: Meguro River (360 8K video)

The Meguro River is among Tokyo's most famous cherry blossom viewing spots. It's in the Nakameguro neighbourhood, which is adjacent to Shibuya in Tokyo's central business district. The greatest feature of the Meguro River Cherry Blossoms is the over 800 cherry trees that line the river for around 4 kilometres, providing a stunning view.


Also at cherry blossom season, a cherry blossom festival is organized by the river, with several booths offering food and drinks. There are also several cafes and restaurants along the canal, several of which have patio seating where you can appreciate tasty meals while admiring the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms at Meguro River can be appreciated both during the day and at night.

Access: Few min. walk from Nakameguro Station Illumination: 17:00- 20:30 Best time to visit: mid-March - early April.

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